Rapid Assault Tactics

Welcome to Rapid Assault Tactics UK. The home of military grade JKD

A streamlined JKD combative system created by request for the US Navy SEAL Team 6. Rapid Assault Tactics is simple and extremely effective. Designed to be learned to a level where it can be used effectively within a short period of time.

New Dates for Level 2 R.A.T Instructor!

Take it to the next level! Only available to those that have completed Level 1 https://rapidassaulttactics.co.uk/rapid-assault-tactics-instructor-course-level-2/ Read More

Rapid Assault Tactics Level 1 Instructor Course New Dates!

New dates have been released for the next R.A.T Level 1 Instructor Course, Check it out at https://rapidassaulttactics.co.uk/rapid-assault-tactics-instructor-course/ Read More

New Website

Check out the new Website for Rapid Assault Tactics UK. New courses for beginners up to instructor level at www.rapidassaulttactics.co.uk Read More