What Is Rapid Assault Tactics?

There are many numbers of martial arts styles and combat systems in the world today, some are technique driven, some are aimed at the sporting arena, others take a more conceptual approach.

Rapid Assault Tactics were born out of need. 

To Understand its conception we need to look back in time a little.

Jeet Kune Do abbreviated JKD, is an eclectic and hybrid martial art system founded by the famous martial artist Bruce Lee.  In 1959 Bruce Lee returned to America his country of birth from Hong Kong.  That same year he began teaching what he called “Jun Fan Gung Fu” (literally Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu)  It was basically his approach to Wing Chun the system he studied whilst growing up in Hong Kong.

Following the infamous fight between himself and Wong Jack Man Bruce realised that all martial arts styles had limitations dictated by their styles. He took the view that traditional martial arts techniques were too rigid and formalistic to be practical in scenarios of chaotic street fighting. Lee decided to develop a system with an emphasis on “practicality, flexibility, speed, and efficiency”.

Jeet Kune Do was born. In 1964 Bruce met the man that would become his closest friend and ally now a world-famous martial artist Dan Inosanto. Together over the following years, they dissected and adapted every martial art and philosophy on street fighting. In 1973 the martial arts world mourned the death of Bruce Lee,  The mantle of JKD future development passed to Dan Inosanto.  Dan held close the belief he and Bruce shared that the most important principle JKD was “Constant growth and progression”. To survive and remain effective it needs to constantly evolve with time.

Bruce lees JKD has evolved over the years through many of its teachers, but none no more than through Paul Vunak. One of Dan Inosantos top students / Instructors. Pauls take on JKD was always with raw harsh combat whilst retaining Bruce Lees signature Jeet Kune Do techniques. Pauls reputation was that, that he was approached directly by the US Navy SEALS, were they asked him to develop a fighting system for their specialist teams.  He came up with a streamlined JKD, He named this R.A.T Rapid Assault Tactics.  RAT is Military Grade Jeet Kune Do.

Rapid Assault Tactics is known as one of the most efficient and direct systems for defence around and is taught to many organisations throughout USA including SEAL’s, FBI, CIA, DEA, the Department of Defence and many law enforcement agencies and SWAT Teams.

Rapid Assault Tactics civilian training program has been adapted to enable normal men and women to learn to protect themselves in the shortest possible time. R.A.T is a fighting system focused on teaching you to protect yourself and the people you love.

Rapid Assault Tactics UK is operated by

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