rapid assault tactics instructor course


(R.A.T) Military Grade JKD

Certified Instructor Course Level One

There are many numbers of martial arts styles and combat systems in the world today, some are technique driven, some are aimed at the sporting arena, others take a more conceptual approach.
 Rapid Assault Tactics is known as one of the most efficient and direct systems for defence around and is taught to many organisations throughout USA including SEAL’s, FBI, CIA, DEA, the Department of Defense and many law enforcement agencies and SWAT Teams.
 Rapid Assault Tactics were born out of need. Sifu Paul Vunak was asked by the US Navy if he could teach the Elite Navy S.E.A.L. Team Six a method of unarmed combat that they could use when wearing their assault gear. Faced with this dilemma he set to and came up with a streamlined  JKD system, all of which came from either Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto or his own 20 plus years experience of training under the worlds elite martial arts instructors. Rapid assault tactics is military grade JKD.
Rapid Assault Tactics civilian training program has been adapted to enable normal men and women to learn to protect themselves in the shortest possible time. R.A.T is a fighting system focused on teaching you to protect yourself and the people you love.
Become a certified Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor licenced under RAT.UK/ FCA
Rapid Assault Tactics is NOT a traditional martial arts class.  A traditional martial arts class is in many cases not a realistic fighting method for the modern world self-defence. Rapid Assault Tactics is a hand-to-hand fighting system that was developed for and taught to members of the US Navy SEAL Teams.
Rapid Assault Tactics is simple, extremely effective, and is designed to be learned to a level where it can be used effectively within a short period of time.

FCA provides one of the most comprehensive Rapid Assault Tactics instructor course that is available. The Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor course (Level 1)  is only available to those with a credible background in Martial art /Self Defence training. The Level 1 Course is spread over 4 consecutive days, at 7 hours training per day. or over two consecutive weekends. During this period you will be taught Level 1 of the program. You will learn:

  • The concepts and techniques of Entry.
  • The concepts and techniques of Pressure.
  • The concepts and techniques of termination.
  • How to correctly warm up a class. and how to cool down a class.
  • You will be taught how to plan and deliver a class to students.

Upon completion of the course to a satisfactory level, participants will be certified and licenced under FCA  to Teach their own Rapid Assault Tactics Class. support and assistance.

Ready to start your journey to become

a certified Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor?

Rapid Assault Tactics has everything you need, it is a proven and effective self-defence / combative system. Though designed for use by elite military units  R.A.T is also a very effective system that can easily be taught to civilians from all walks of life, it is a fast to learn, easy to utilise self-protection system.
What will you do with your R.A.T Instructor qualification?
  • R.A.T can be run totally as a regular stand-alone class in its own right.
  • R.A.T can be used for providing self-protection seminars.
  • R.A.T can be used to add that something extra to your existing martial arts class.
  • R.A.T can be used by personal trainers to add an extra level of training available to their clients.
    Can I learn to do this in 4 days?

    R.A.T utilises many techniques that are commonplace in existing martial art/self-defence training, we just use them in a different way! So as this course is only open to martial arts instructors, existing martial arts students with a minimum of two years experience, or personal / fitness trainers with experience teaching striking- kicking drills then the answer is Yes you can!

That said this course does NOT have a guaranteed pass, to pass this course and receive your qualification you will have to earn it and show during the final test that you have learnt the principles of the system, that you can demonstrate all aspects of the system, and that you can teach the system effectively. There is a lot to take in, a lot to learn, but it is more than possible for those that want it!
What does it cost?
The cost of the full 4 days training and the final exam is £399 There is no accommodation provided for those travelling to one of the training venues but will do our best to help you arrange suitable accommodation should you wish. You will also need to provide yourself with a packed lunch and have plenty of liquid refreshment available on training days.
How Many Places are available?
 We believe in quality over quantity, we want you to receive the best training possible. To facilitate this we have strict attendance numbers on our courses, the Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor course has a maximum capacity of 10 places per course. These places are filled on a first come first served basis.
When is the Course?

The next course is scheduled to take place:

Course Dates and Locations

North  of UK  –  Whitehaven           Date: 22nd – 23rd Febuary and  21st  and  22nd March 2020